TRY AGAIN Lyrics By Aaron Cole

TRY AGAIN Lyrics By Aaron Cole

Check out TRY AGAIN Lyrics By Aaron Cole, the latest song from the album “Two Up Two Down” (2021)

Aaron Cole – TRY AGAIN Lyrics

Life ain’t what I thought it was
I need to re-, refine
They try to take me for a fool
Playin’ by they rules is somethin’ I can’t do

I need to re-, refine
So what these people want from me?
Oh, I
Oh, oh…

I try to do it for the charts
I try to do it from my heart
Since I was four, I was taught
To be better than the next man

That ain’t in Your plan
So I’ma try again

So tell me, why don’t I
Give You all my life?
I just can’t get it right
Do You even know what this feel like?

I’ve been on ten since ten this mornin’
We should have talked, but I’m strеssed from tourin’
Lookin’ for answers, wherе I’m at is feelin’ foreign

But it’s crazy, I’m still scorin’
I feel some days I got this
Some days I’m not it, You say I’m righteous
But I don’t feel righteous

I see my idols fall
I am alright, was cold
Been insecure like Saul
But I can’t lose it all

There’s nothin’ I don’t know
Can’t have my family broke
That’s why I’m tryin’

Tryin’ to find me
But she hope this pressure make her free
I know that it’s time to make up my mind
I can’t let these people down

God, help me, please
I’ve been in my head
And I know that I ain’t been the best today
But I’ma try again

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Hey Aaron, just wanted to reach out to you real quick
Let you know I love you, how proud I am of you
Was just thinkin’ the other day
Of us on 705 Chester Street
Your mom was tryin’ to teach you how to rap
I think I did really good
My firstborn, baby boy
Right there, right there
You gotta speak up a little bit, okay?

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